Friday, December 16, 2011

Hong Kong Buffet in Orangeburg, SC....what happened???

On a recent visit this past week to Hong Kong Buffet in Orangeburg, SC, I was a little more than just dissapointed. Being a guest of this asian style buffet on several occasions in the past, I was expecting a pleasant experience. The decor has changed none in the past 8 years or so, it's still the same typical strip mall asian buffet decor....boring and generic. My mother and I had been Christmas shopping all afternoon in Orangeburg, and we were starving by the time we arrived at Hong Kong. Being seated and drinks selected and brought to us was no problem. The buffet, however, was another story. A quite sickening story, to say the least. The food on the buffet seemed tasteless and completely thrown up there in an effort to appease people on a Tuesday. It was barely warm.  I did the complete opposite of what I usually do, which is salad first. This time, my salad was last, and thankfully so. The ranch dressing had gone sour. It was horrible. When I told the waiter about the sourness of the ranch and that it had made me nauseas with just one bite, he was very argumentative. He proceded to tell me that I had to be wrong, that they had just recieved the dressing in their food delivery just today. He did not apologize or anything. He came back to our table with the check and ONE fortune cookie. I guess my mother and I were to share the same fortune. Needless to say, I will not be returning until this place shapes up.

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